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At Bah Realty Trust, we believe that access to the best and most timely information can dramatically shape your decision. With our extensive knowledge of every aspect of the field, and fueled by consumer research and insights, we are the go-to source for information and education. We help you to maximize your real estate experience while we work to minimize your stress. So, whether you plan to buy, sell, lease or invest in property anywhere in the Indianapolis Metropolitan, BAH Realty is here to guide you.

1. Buy or Rent a Home

Check out our search page to explore all the properties in your area that meet your needs. We make it easy for you to be a part of your home buying or rental experience by placing our tools in your hands. Remeber, at Bah Realty, we work together to find your home. 

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BAH Realty Trust

partnered with DeFrantz

Insurance and Realty, LLC


7780 N. Michigan Rd. #C

Indianapolis, IN 46268

Tel: (317) 721-2463

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2. Sell Your Property


Selling a home can be a difficult experience. It can be emotional and stressful. At Bah Realty, we work to make the process simpler for you. That way, you can focus on packing and moving, while we manage the logistics of your process. We can also help with selling larger residential or non-residential properties. 

3. Invest

The secret is out of the bag: investing in real estate is one of the best ways to invest and make money. Whether you're new to the process or experienced and just in need of some assistance, at Bah Realty, we make investing make sense. Trust us with your property and we'll help you invest in your future. 

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